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NURSING 7770 Fundamentals of Medical Product Development and Regulation
Credit hours: 3 per Semester
Cluster: Other, Other


Course Level: Masters

Course Type:

IPE: Yes -

Course Open to: Both Phd and DNP students

Institution:The Ohio State University

Pre-requisites: Admission to the Master's program in Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research, or permission of instructor. Cross-listed in Phr.

Course Description: Function of clinical research in medical product development and the regulatory process of new medical products. Laws and regulations concerning the development, testing, commercialization, and total product life cycle for medical products. Regulations governing the conduct of clinical research, including study sponsors, investigators, and Institutional Review Boards.


Method of Instruction:

Delivery Platform: Distance Learning

Campus visits required: No

Course Contact: Katie Larabee



Tuition: Nexus Rate


Other considerations:


Available Seats by Semester for this course:


FALL 2018

Section: 0010
Instructor:Penelope Jester
Credits: 3 / Semester


Section: 0010
Instructor:Carolyn Jones
Credits: 3 / Semester

FALL 2019

Section: 0010
Instructor:Michelle Purdom
Credits: 3 / Semester


Section: 0010
Instructor:Carolynn Jones
Credits: 3 / Semester

Initial Fee Due Date May 3, 2017

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