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NURS 731 Quality and Safety Foundations
Credit hours: 3 per Semester
Cluster: Systems, Leadership, Informatics and Policy,


Course Level: Doctoral

Course Type: PhD


Course Open to: PhD Students

Institution:Virginia Commonwealth University

Pre-requisites: A doctoral level theory course or permission from instructor.

Course Description: This course presents the basis for a quality and patient safety program of research. Students are provided with a foundation for conceptual model-building and how these models link to select approaches to conducting quality and patient safety research. Students also will learn how researchers add to relevant evidence in quality and patient safety science. The course defines quality and patient safety, its dimensions and outcomes at the individual, organizational, systems and population levels. Students will also examine recent applications of quality and patient safety research to policy, health system accountability and various levels of the provision of health care (patient, organizational, system and population levels).


Method of Instruction: Readings, lectures, discussions, student presentations in a mix of synchronous and asynchronous classes. Specific synchronous virtual session dates will be released in mid-November.

Delivery Platform: Blackboard

Campus visits required: 0

Course Contact: Fonda Neal



Tuition: $775/credit hour


Other considerations: This course is for students interested in developing a research area and conceptual model focused on healthcare quality. The course will cover quality and safety research across healthcare settings from community to healthcare organizations.


Available Seats by Semester for this course:



Section: 001
Instructor:Marianne Baernholdt, Ph.D
Credits: 3 / Semester

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